We use a high precision computerised mount cutter for all our work and stock over 50 different mount boards. Our machine has dual heads, so it cuts bevelled apertures but square cut outside edges.

Our mount cutter gives us the ability to create something simple very quickly, or alternatively, something highly intricate and complicated.

As well as conventional square corners, our versatile cutter can cut curves, angles and even text into your mount. Multi-aperture and multi-layered mounts are our speciality.

Other specialist options include:

  • Reproduction of your signature onto the mount board
  • Captioning or the printing of the date or location of your picture on the mount
  • Creation of unique stencils from computer designs or other images
  • Your company logo can be embossed onto mounts or promotional material - logo-embossed coasters make simple and useful giveaways.

We welcome trade enquiries as well as individual mounting projects.